Gemstone Massage Oil - Sacred Fire

Gemstone Massage Oil - Sacred Fire

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Aquarian Soul


4 oz Massage oil

This oil was created with 100% pure almond oil and therapeutic grade *organic* essential oils. We only use the best quality essential oils and base oils to create these blends.

This massage oil has a fruity, sensual, earthy, slightly floral and exotic scent. Although smell is important when creating a blend of oils, what is most important is the effect they have on the body and spirit. Taking in essential oils through the skin is an excellent way to promote healing where it is needed most. It absorbs into your skin directly quickly and easily to provide a speedy and effective healing.

Use this oil when you feel you want to feel sexy and sensual. The earthy and sweet scent of this massage oil helps you get in touch with your sensual and loving self. Use it on a partner, or have someone indulge you in a massage.

All gemstones used in our massage oils were cleansed by the light of the full moon  & are energized with healing reiki energy. This means they have a very high vibrational energy that can be used to heal, raise and transform your vibrational alignment.

I specifically chose gemstones for their metaphysical and healing properties that correspond to sexuality and love. The gemstones included in this oil are rose quartz, garnet & rhodochrosite. Clear quartz is added to every bottle as well because it acts as a cleanser for every other stone and is an all-around healer.

ROSE QUARTZ || is the stone of unconditional love and romance. It is the most important stone for the heart chakra and the heart. Opens you up to all kinds of beauty. Not only does it promote love of others but love of the self. It would be impossible to make an oil having to do with sexuality and love without including rose quartz.

GARNET || Brings serenity and passion where it is needed. It inspires love and devotion. It balances sex drive and stimulates the rise of kundalini energy and aids with sexual potency. (ooo la la) Garnet activates other crystals and amplifies their effect.  It opens up the heart and bestows self-confidence. It re-energizes and purifies the blood and heart.

RHODOCHROSITE || represents selfless love and compassion. An excellent stone for the heart and relationships. Improves self-worth and soothes emotional stress. Encourages a positive attitude and spontaneous expression of feelings including passionate and erotic urges.

*This is not a replacement for medical doctor’s advice. These oils are merely a high vibrational tool to help promote and enhance healing with the use of gemstones and therapeutic essential oils. If you have a serious medical problem, please consult your doctor.*