PAAVANI Herbal Tea Ritual

PAAVANI Herbal Tea Ritual

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Incorporate the use of PAAVANI Herbal Tea into your daily ritual.


Vata Tea // Pitta Tea // Kapha Tea // Tridoshic Tea

DIRECTIONS: Pour 8oz of freshly boiled water over 1 tbsp. of tea. For full-bodied flavor, cover & steep for 4-8 minutes. Strain herbs from tea. Add fresh lemon, milk or honey if desired. Sip, realign & enjoy.

VATA INGREDIENTS: Ashwagandha*, Flax Seeds*, Licorice*, Cinnamon*, Shatavari*, Indian Sarsaparilla*, Ginger*, Cardamom* & Nutmeg*

PITTA INGREDIENTS: Hibiscus*, Shatavari*, Peppermint*, Rose*, Calendula* & Passionflower*

KAPHA INGREDIENTS: Red Rooibos*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Black Pepper*, Cardamom*, Star Anise*, Clove* & Nutmeg*

TRIDOSHIC INGREDIENTS: Gotu Kola*, Lemon Balm*, Rose*, Lavendar*, Licorice*, Chamomile*, Ginger* & Fennel*

*certified organic

Approximately 16 servings. Caffeine Free.

Infused with Ayurvedic Healing Mantra. Tested on Family & Friends. Handcrafted in Small Batches with Love.


CAUTION: If pregnant, consult a qualified herbalist or physician before use.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.