Folk VATA - Rooted Rose Body Oil
Folk VATA - Rooted Rose Body Oil

Folk VATA - Rooted Rose Body Oil

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Folk Ayurveda

Our Vata apothecary is a rich combination of ingredients that supports resilience, evoking a sensual and fearless femininity. Rooted Rose warms the heart, softens the skin, and grounds your focus. Its wild rose, cardamon, and pommegranate oil will indulge the senses and delight your love chakra.

3.4 oz

The word folk is often associated with a kind of old-school medicine, art or culture that’s distant from the mainstream. Folk Ayurveda brings together the spirit of these elements through earthy soul remedies and by cultivating community. We are dedicated to the yoga lifestyle, boho beauty routines, and exploring what’s modern, rural, and naturally healing.

Based on the holistic traditions of Ayurveda, our luxury organic oils are handcrafted blends of healing herbs, roots and wild-harvested botanicals;  created for both mind and body to feel deeply nourished and support around the effects of daily stress.  Each apothecary line is uniquely designed to awaken self-care and to balance the body’s natural energies, known in Ayurveda as Vata, Pitta, Kapha.

NOTE:  The beautiful curator of these products is in India until August 1st.  All orders will be shipped upon her return